Workin' It Out

Me after one of the best jumps I ever had. My thumbs up got cut off.
How can I express how elated I am about jumping rope right now?
I DIG jumping rope!
For those of you who read this blog, you know that transparency is one of my key objectives, so...

Here's The Scoop:
My normal weight is around 150 pounds (plus or minus 5 lbs depending on how in shape I am at the time). With all four of my pregnancies, I have gained at least 40 pounds. I was always determined to get back in shape after each pregnancy and so for the past 8 years, I have been in a cycle of gaining and losing weight. I did try to continue my workouts with my third pregnancy - I even continued running for a bit - but no matter what I did, I still ended up gaining crazy weight! With this 4th and final pregnancy, I believe I gained the most weight! Although, the last number I remember weighing in at was one-ninety-something, I'm pretty sure that I went over 200 pounds. As much as I was unhappy with myself (that's a whole 'nother post!), I was comforted by my determination to lose the weight yet again!
So...here we are, Manny is 7 months old and I am 40 lbs lighter! The other day, I finally weighed myself and I'm at 157 lbs. I still have some pounds to shed and some muscle to tone, but I am very pleased with my progress. I am even more pleased with the means to this end - a jump rope!

The Game Plan:

Manny was born in late August, so I knew that when I would be ready to run, the weather would be too cold for me. Also, I knew that I would be home with the baby and the girls (who were 1 & 3 years old at the time) so even if I could run, I couldn't run with all three little people!
I had to take it day by day. I started light. Treadmill walking, "girly" push-ups and anything I could do just to get moving. I started doing P90X, but not consistently. I was having a hard time fitting exercise into my schedule. I had to find a way to exercise and incorporate the little people. Then it hit me - hooping and jumping rope!
My jump gear: comfy kicks, godly music and an adjustable speed rope.
I googled the benefits of both and then bought a hula hoop and a rope. The hoop should have been an actual exercise hoop, but I choose a regular hoop w/ water inside. The rope is in the picture.
I switched between the hoop and the rope each day and did them for 30 minutes. I liked both, but soon, jumping captured my heart. I think if I had a weighted hoop, I'd still be hooping. I just wasn't willing to spend the money for one without knowing if I'd stick with it. The rope was cheap so there was no real "chance" taken.
Now, I jump as many days a week as I can (my goal is at least 3 days) for 30 minutes and the benefits are great! I was hoping that jumping would get me in shape to run and it did! I ran a couple weeks ago and I wasn't winded at all - that was the BEST! I've seen weight continually drop off and my energy has increased. My jumping techniques have improved and now I'm able to jump for more than 30 minutes, if the little people let me.  ; )   As I jump, the girls dance around all crazy. They help motivate me to jump harder and they are getting exercise, too! Win-win situation. I also have increased my push-up reps and have graduated from the"girly" style. I do planks, jump squats and every week I try to incorporate something new.

I am thrilled to be able to fit my clothes again. That statement deserved its own line.

Since Manny is officially the last little person to leave my body, it excites me to know that my efforts will last this time! I have jumped off the up & down weight coaster and can focus on living, being and eating healthy.

Spiritually, this has shown me that if I can have faith in myself because of past victories, how much more faith can I have in a mighty all-powerful God who has promised to take care of me. And I am nobody, so if I can have faith in my own actions, how much more faith can I have in the spirit that allows me to live - and by live, I mean everlasting life! *Whew*  God is awesome.