Created To Worship

We were driving home the other day and Vashawn Mitchell's "Triumphant" album was playing. One of my favorite songs from that cd is "You Reign" - the song is beautiful. The little people and I often lose ourselves in worship while listening to that track.

So, I'm driving and the song comes on. I'm singing softly and look up to check my rearview mirror. What I saw made my  smile. Laila had her hands up and her eyes closed while singing along. She was worshipping on her own. She was in her own zone praising the Lord.

We have been created to worship. There is no minimum age to begin worshipping God. I can distinctly remember Jaelie & Manny, our two youngest little people saying "Hallelujah" before the age of one. "Hallelujah" was one of the first words they both learned to say. What amazes me is that they were both able to say it clearly. There was no question that "Hallelujah" was coming out of their mouths. Why? Because we were created to praise!

Vashawn Mitchell - You Reign