3 More Weeks

Updated 4.25.2012
So, my husband & I received advance tix to a 3D showing of The Avengers! How hype am I? Very. 
I MUST thank my Dad - God - for the opportunity. He knows all & He knows what these tickets mean to me. It's really not about the movie, it's more about obedience. He will bless you for your obedience - #Endure.

Shoutout to @geekadelphia

It's not often that I anticipate the release of a movie like I'm anticipating The Avengers. I'm not even a real comic book person, but the Marvel movies have captured my attention. I hope to be in the theatre on May 4th with some popcorn, my Sweetheart (@B_Sketch) and my face melted by the excitement on the screen.

One comment stuck out to me from a dude who saw the Hollywood premiere: 
Cool. We can def use that extra dough for something else...like ColdStone afterward.  = P