M. Brian Bowens

I want to put y'all on to an amazingly gifted artist.

pen sketch

If you frequent this blog, you've seen his work before. If your new to VJ, you will want to add his name to your memory bank.
His name is M. Brian Bowens.

custom tee; hand painted

He has a graphic design company called KingdomWork Graphics, with a clothing line called KWG. First & foremost, he is a child of God - that's always a nice bonus.
His work is getting popular. People are waiting in line to have his God-given talent grace their walls, their clothes, their clothing lines, their websites, their...you name it!

custom request of Swoope

Check out his work. Email him at mbbowens@gmail.com to get a quote and have your idea come to life. Or you can hit me up on Twitter or Facebook for more information on how you can be down.

In the words of B. Reith, "Better book him now before he gets too pricy, yup!" Ha, ha.

See more of M.Brian Bowens' artwork after the break...
(including a ridiculous rendering of one of my favorite 76ers)

Allen Iverson; colored pencils 
LeBron James; Don't worry, he has eyes now and doesn't look so evil, lol

WIP of custom wall mural

custom request