I Need Rest

With my new schedule, I find myself wanting to take quick breaks. A break to rest my brain, to do something fun, to do nothing at all or whatever I (key word) want to do. Whenever I find a rare free moment, I've been playing one of two favorite games on my iPhone: Scramble With Friends or Bejeweled. 

Now, I have another issue.
With my new schedule, I find that I haven't been reading the Word like I want to or like I should. Bigger than that, I haven't been spending quiet time with my Father like I want to or like I should. 

As much as that bothered me, I still chose to spend rare free moments on my phone playing games. 

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Matthew 11:28

God chastened me while I was playing my games! I wouldn't be able to get into beast mode like I knew I could. And I could hear His voice saying, "You could be spending this time with me." It was a soft, gentle and caring voice that could be easily ignored. Fortunately, the Spirit inside of me would not allow me to ignore me. Hearing that voice saddened me, sickened me, even. It also made me glad because God chastens those He loves. 

I told God that I just need a break, that I'm just trying to rest. Then Matthew 11:28 came to mind. (SN: This is a great example of why it's important to read the Word. The Spirit will allow you to remember what you've read at the time you need to apply it.)
God is the source of the rest that I need. Time with him should be the first thing that fills my rare free moments. There is nothing wrong with a game every now and then, but it should not replace my time with the Father. 

I am happy about the lessons God has shown me! 

One - Remember your First Love daily. We must make a conscious effort to do this. As soon as we get comfortable in thinking it's automatic, something will divert our attention. Anything that is not of God or that does not have God in it, will attempt to steal our time with God and will be successful, if we allow it. 

Two - Jesus can supply all of my needs. I should go to Him first to receive anything I need - rest, a break, peace, He has it all and He has it in abundance. Even better, He knows what I need before I ask!  (Read Matthew 6) He's prepared to supply the need before we know we need it - that's awesome!

Three - The Spirit is doing His job within me! Remember the key word above? I. I was thinking about myself and trying to give myself what I thought I needed. Thank God that through Jesus Christ we are indwelled by the Holy Spirit, who nudges us when we're veering outside of God's will for our lives. As followers of Christ, we can rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us. When we die to ourselves and allow Jesus to live through us, the Father will be glorified in all we do.

Grace & Peace, Fam! Let's PUSH to stay connected to the vine, the source, the amazing God we serve.