We Did It...

...we finally cut the cord and we are cable free! 

In our quest to be Debt Free, we decided that we can do without cable.

  1. The cost of cable is ridiculous. Truly. I don't even think I have to elaborate.
  2. Between the internet, Netflix (which we have and love) and Redbox, we can pretty much see what we want to see. In addition to the resources we use, there are tons of other ways to see the shows and movies you like without subscribing to cable. A Google search would unveil the options for you.
  3. I think we have been bamboozled into believing that we need cable. We don't. TV is really a time-sucking tool (although, when used responsibly, it can be very beneficial). With the tv turned off, it's amazing how many other things can be accomplished - family building, reading the word, praying, getting things done that need to get done, etc.

I am excited about our new freedom from cable. Especially for our little people. This action will teach them many lessons:

  1. Cable is a privilege, not a necessity. 
  2. There are tons of things to do besides watching tv. Tons.
  3. A vibrant imagination is wonderful gift from God - we need to use it to keep it.
  4. It helps them learn to be appreciative and to be finacially responsible.

I could keep going, but this is supposed to be short and sweet.
I have to admit that this is also teaching the parents some lessons. A wise man knows that there is always something to be learned.
My hope is that this will increase devotion time for everyone. Matthew 6:33 is always in full effect. We also know that God will provide for all of our NEEDS, not wants, desires, or things we think we can't live without. Even in this time of extreme down-scaling, God has continually provided a way out of no way. When we have no clue how a need is going to be met, God meets it (and then some because He's just that good). He often does this in the most unexpected way. That's the beauty of it. He is so faithful, staying true to His every word. This is why I trust Him with everything. He is soveriegn and everything is in His hands.

I will keep you posted on our journey out of debt.