Defeated Christians?

The term "Defeated Christian" should be an oxymoron.
Unfortunately, it isn't.
As a Christian - a child of God and therefore a joint heir with Christ - we have access to an unlimited power source.

What does that mean?

It means that the Holy Spirit inside of us, which testifies of Christ, can empower us to do the will of our Father at all times, through any circumstance, no matter how our mind or emotions deceive us. One of my little sisters calls it the "stupid place" - it's the spot where our minds and emotions can take us, but God never intends for us to visit. I know that we will still visit - myself included - but I also know that we can choose to leave immediately! Focusing on Christ will always make anything else considerably smaller or even totally eliminated.

It means that we can ALWAYS return to, run to, even sprint to our Father and He will receive us with open arms. What a Dad! It is lovely to know that we can go to God with anything. But do we go to God with everything? When we feel like we really don't want to go to Him, do we still go? What holds us back? It can't be the one who said He will never leave us nor forsake us. Don't let your feelings keep you from receiving the unparalleled comforting hug that God wants to give you.

It means that we are not condemned. We have the assurance of the forgiveness of sins because of Christ's death on the cross. His blood was shed for our sake - to cleanse us from our sins & unrighteousness. Because we have died to ourselves and have been reborn in Christ, we are now justified through Christ. We are able to say, "It's just if I'd never sinned!" What's amazing about that is we know we have sinned, but the blood of Christ is powerful enough to cleanse us from all sin. Hallelujah!

So, Sisters & Brothers, I pray that after reading this you are encouraged. I, being the first partaker, have been encouraged and am smiling with joy as I type. There is nothing that can separate us from the LOVE of GOD - nothing, not even ourselves.

Here are some scriptural references that you can check out. Enjoy digging...
Romans 8:14-17
John 15:26
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