KingdomWork Graphics™

KingdomWork Graphics™ - KWG - is the vision that God placed in my husband, M. Brian Bowens. It's a Christian clothing & apparel company. It's for ppl who are BOLDY REPRESENTING THE KINGDOM OF GOD™.

The crazy thing is that before we were married, God also placed a similar vision in me for women's & children's apparel. So the VirtuousWoman line was birthed and is affectionately called VDub™.

Our company, KingdomWork Graphics™ is a ministry 1st, with the goal of promoting the Gospel. We wear clothes & accessories everyday so why not use them to represent our King!

We hope that you'll ride with us in BOLDY REPRESENTING THE KINGDOM OF GOD™.
Check out our site (which is currently being remodeled): www.kingdomworkgraphics.net
Email us to join our mailing list or if you have any ?s, comments, suggestions - we'd love to hear from you: kworkgraphics@aol.com