Spirit vs. Soul

I love to learn. It makes you feel good when you learn something new - when you can add some weapons to your arsenal. It is especially exciting to learn new things about God & to know that there will ALWAYS be something new to learn!
My goal is to share new things that I learn so continue to look for "Things I've Learned" posts.
I also look forward to hearing things YOU'VE learned! As members of the body of Christ, our combined strengths makes unstoppable for the kingdom.

So...here's what I learned the other day during my Faith Bible Institute class (Shout out to John Yates, our teacher. He has an amazing annointing!):   There is a difference between the SPIRIT & the SOUL.

Since man has been made in God's image, he is triune like God. Man consists of body, spirit and soul (Genesis 2:7). Upon hearing that I was like, "What is the difference betweeen spirit and soul?" Many people use them interchangeably - myself included. Here's the difference, Man's spirit was formed from God's breath and then he became a living soul. Breaking it down further, the SPIRIT gives man the ability to commune with God. We worship him in SPIRIT and in truth. The SOUL refers to man's mind, will and emotions. Animals have souls. They have the ability to think, there are things they want to do and they have visible feelings. They cannot talk to God or have a relationship with him like man can...because they don't have a spirit.

That explanation helped me see the difference. Hopefully it has been a blessing to you as well.