Blessed to be a Blessing!

Yesterday I went back to my alma mater - PENN STATE UNIVERSITY - to see my cousin graduate. He has become an unconventional college success story by graduating 10 years after he first enrolled. It wasn't because of bad grades or laziness - it was a lack of funds and other legitimate issues. However, his story truly shows perseverance at its best. I am so pround of my little big cousin!

Before we left State College, he said something during our good-bye embrace that made me Praise God. He thanked me for bringing his family along (his mom, grandmom, and aunt - my fam, too) and basically thanked God for using me to transport them. His excitement was evident.

A week or so ago, God answered our family's prayer of having a vehicle that would fit the entire family
comfortably. My husband and I have three little people and one on the way. The car we had would not fit everyone. We would have to "two-car-it" if we wanted to travel as a family!
We trusted God to provide for us as His word promises in Matthew 6:25-32. We did not have the money for a larger vehicle, but we trusted and rested in His word.
And he blessed us with:
...to be a Blessing!
I planned on riding to State College with my two girls - just the three of us. The night before the trip, my aunt called and asked if we could carpool. That meant two more people. I said, "Sure!"
The morning of the trip, my grandmom called and asked if another person could come with us. That meant six people. I said, "Sure!"  On the way back home, we picked up another passenger. That was seven people total - maxing out the space in the van. It was a pleasure to be able to help others. It was an honor to be a blessing to others with a provision from God.

As children of God, we are to be channels, not reservoirs. If your cup is full, it can't be filled. Why not empty it according to another's need and allow God to fill it higher than before (because he can also enlarge the cup!)? *Smile*