Stop Falling for the Okie Doke

As important as it is to know the Lord intimately, it is also important to know the adversary. Going into any arena where you have opposition, the best offense is DEFENSE. Defense tears your opponent apart. A good defense says the team is Prepared. Before any basketball game, any boxing match any or any battle, the team studies the opposition. The team learns the opposition's moves, their strengths, their weaknesses. This is vital if the team expects to be victorious.

The body of Christ is a team and our opponent is Satan.

Fortunately for us, Satan is not very creative. His strategy hasn't changed - ever. He uses the same tactics against us that he used against Eve in Eden. His creativity comes in the many ways that he works his same tired strategy. We, as a body, can be prepared for the enemy's tempting by knowing these 14 Principles of Temptation. I learned these through Faith Bible Institue (FBI) and would be truly remiss not to pass on this knowledge.

14 Principles of Temptation

1. Satan works best when Hidden. Satan came disguised in the form of a Serpent.
2. Satan always choses attractive vessels to advertise sin. Satan chose a beautiful disguise. Before the Curse, the Serpent had legs and great beauty.
3. Satan always attempts to cause us to doubt whether or not something is really wrong. First, Satan causes doubt on God's word. Then, he changes it by adding to it.
4. Satan always tries to make us think of God as too strict, unfair, or as robbing us of enjoyment. Satan tempts us on what we don't have.
5. Once Satan has us conversing, he has us condsidering. We can never win an argument with the Devil. Don't debate; Resist him by fleeing and drawing closer to God.
6. Satan always tries to convice us that God is not trustworthy. Satan openly denies God's word and wants us to doubt it.
7. Satan always tries to convince us that we can get away with sin. Satan denies the consequences of sin.
8. Satan tries to convince us that God does not really love us or have our best interest at heart. Satan denies God's loving character.
9. Satan tries to convince us that we are missing out if we say no to sin and yes to God. Satan implies that God is keeping something from us.
10. Satan always tries to convince us that we are in charge. Satan offers godhood.
11. Satan appeals to our curiousity. Satan offers knowledge.
12. Satan always lies! 
13. Satan always uses the same basic tactics. The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life.
14. Satan often uses another person to tempt us. This is where Peer Pressure and an "it must be okay if they did it attitude" comes from.

I pray that these principles help you STAND against the wiles of the enemy. Knowing is half the battle. Trust, focus and dependence on our Father in heaven is KEY. 
Watch and Pray brothers & sisters.