Trusting When You Don't Understand

Parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, anyone who has experience with children can relate to and even laugh at this.
When you ask a child to do something, what is the usual response?

You guessed it - WHY?

Sometimes you explain why, but other times it's simply, "Because I said so!"  It can get frustrating when the child doesn't except the latter and continues to ask why repeatedly. What happens next is usually not much fun for the child...or the adult. 

Wouldn't it be nice if children always TRUST you even when they don't UNDERSTAND your reasoning?

Now can you imagine God thinking the same thing about His children?

When situations that make sense arise, it's easy to trust that God is doing the right thing. It makes sense. However, when situations that don't make sense occur, it's harder to trust God. Why are you doing this? Why is this happening to me? I don't understand why (fill in the blank).

James Dobson writes: 
"...Pain and suffering do not cause the greatest damage. Confusion is the factor that shreds one's faith. The human spirit is capable of withstanding enormous discomfort, including the prospect of death, if the circumstances make sense." (When God Doesn't Make Sense, p. 13)

As children of God, we have the assurance that God is PERFECT in ALL His ways. He tells us plainly that His ways are NOT our ways and to lean NOT on our own understanding. Our great God is Omniscient - He knows everything. Our great God has ultimate Wisdom. He applies His knowledge in a way that guarantees the Highest Good for the Greatest Number for the Longest Time and uses the most Excellent Means to accomplish His purpose.
Your God is on Point - You can definitely Trust Him in all circumstances.