How DARE You Doubt My GOD!

This is how my 1st public encounter went this morning...

As I walked out of my door w/ Jae in her jogging stroller, I ran into an older lady who lives up the hall. Here's the dialogue:

Lady: Oh, there's the pretty little girl. You have such beautiful children. Don't have any more. You have three, right?
Me: Yes.
Lady: Well you're not gonna have any more are you?
Me: Not after this one. [pointing to my pregnant belly that I can't believe she hasn't seen or didn't see this morning as it's quite large these days.]
Lady: Oh my! How in the world are you gonna pay for all those kids? How are you gonna take care of them?
Me:God provides.
Lady: [makes an ugly face] Oh, god! God ain't providin' nothin'! [starts to walk away.]
Me:  [walking off in the opposite direction] Oh, yes! My God takes care of everything!

 I truly couldn't believe she had said that right to my face! I wasn't so shocked because I've had conversations with her in the past and she has made it clear that she doesn't believe in God. However, she never straight up disrespected Him in front of me! Honestly, I felt like going off on her. But the good ol' Holy Spirit that lives within me spoke gently and said, "Let God handle that."  So Jae and I went about our business and had a beautiful morning walk.