Thanks Babies R Us

I am 37 weeks (9 months) pregnant - see my belly below - and getting last minute stuff at Babies R Us. I have my 3 year old & 1 year old with me. Of course, I must go to the bathroom before we leave the store. Since I have to go, so does Laila, the 3 year old.

How am I going do this?
(Moms: this is a question we encounter all the time, but do we get it done? Amen.)

The seat you see in the picture helped me out so much! I was able to do my thing, help Laila do hers and keep Jaelie's curiousity buckled up!

*Thumbs Up* for the kiddie seat in the Babies R Us bathroom.
(I believe they have these in Ikea, too - but they're in the stall...)