Understand...We're Overcomers!

Welcome to my first free second to blog since August 7th!
Since then, our family has increased to six. Our son, Immanuel, is doing great and getting used to his loud and crazy family.
I have been adjusting to my new stay-at-home-mom/wife-with-four-kids life. No sugar coating - it has been hard at times. Trying, difficult, tiresome - I'll stop there because I could go on.
However, 2 Corinthians 12:9 tells me that God's grace is sufficient for me and HIS power is made perfect in my weakness.
How can I rest in God's extreme strength if I don't experience times of extreme weakness?
I know that I can't do what He's called me to do on my own. I need HIS strength and guidance every step of the way to succed - to overcome every situation and circumstance.
With God's mighty strength that never faints or grows weary, we can rise above every trial and tribulation - much like this young whippersnapper from Pepperdine.

[I had a video, but they took it off of YouTube *shrug*]

JESUS CHRIST secured the Victory! Walk in it and Rise Above.

btw...it took me almost 2 hours to finish this.