He Gets It!

My son, Kaelin, asked me an interesting question yesterday.
"Why did God say that we would get in trouble for things our parents did? Like, how come, if we're good Christians, do we still get punished for something we didn't do?"
Immediately I smiled. "That's a great question!"
When he asked me his face was serious and confused - like the picture to the right.

Background: He's been reading the old testament lately so he's really tuned in to sin affecting generations.

Before answering, I thanked God for the moment He created - priceless. Then, I broke it down like this...

In the Old Testament, we saw people being punished for things thier fathers and thier father's fathers did. That shows us the seriousness of sin. To go against God's commands in any way is a severe offense and has consequences not only for the sinner, but for anyone connected to the sinner, especially the sinner's family. This is why, as a parent, I follow God's commands so that my children can see me following them. In doing so, I hope to never bring any curse on my children or my children's children.
Generational curses are real. They affected people way back then and they still affect people today. They affected me.
Now flash forward to the New Testament! Jesus Christ died on the cross for the sins of the world! He died for your sins and your father's sins and your father's father's sins. Therefore, when we are covered by the blood of Christ, we are cleansed from all sin - even the sins that would bring on generational curses. So, while generational curses are still very real today and continue to afflict many people, those who have accecpted Jesus Christ as thier Lord and Savior have been redeemed! As believers, we no longer have to be concerned about our family's past sins having power over us - AMEN!

As I spoke of Jesus and what He did on the cross, I saw Kaelin's face change immediately! He could not stop the smile from taking over his face. This brought JOY to my soul because I could see that He Gets It! That is what you feel when you realize what Jesus did for you. Instant Joy! Instant Praise! Your countenance changes and the Joy of the Lord shines bright. It cannot be hidden. This is what all believers should exude everyday. This is what makes unbelievers want what we have. (There's the smile that took over.)

Man, I'm getting hype remembering the moment as I type! I hope that I will always remember that moment and his face. His face was a blessing to me as I remembered my 1st love - Jesus. It's easy to get caught up in the daily grind and not truly feel the power of what Christ did on the cross. Take a minute and go back to the time it truly clicked for you. Go back to the time when you realized just how filthy you were and that there is nothing you can do to please God. Remember the feeling you felt when you truly accepted the gift that Jesus gave you - Redemption, a real Relationship with the Father, Forgiveness, Peace, Grace, Mercy.

God is awesome.
"If we confess our sins, he is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness." 1 John 1:9

I thank God for this little person. Kaelin, 8 years old.