"Banned" APL Sneakers

God has blessed me with an incredibly gifted husband. I truly am in awe of his artistic ability. His gift fuels KingdomWork Graphics and it is an honor to witness him glorify God with his hands. I have sat and watched him create awesome orginal artwork in a fraction of the time that the piece actually requires. Not only is he exceptional at his craft, but he is also unbelievably humble. He has every right to boast about his skills, but the spirit that dwells within him prefers to deliver all glory to God.

My husband, Brian, is also a sneaker-head. ; )
He recently won a fresh new pair of "Banned" edition APL Concept 1 shoes. Apparently, these shoes have springs in them that make you jump higher. Consequently, the NBA banned them because they present an unfair advantage.

Here is his winning entry:
Yes, this is a self portrait
I'm proud of my Sweetheart! He has really toned down his sneaker collection for the good of our family (lol) and so he deserves this treat.
I can't wait to see the sneakers. I'm so happy that he won - it's pretty decent.