I truly dig music - Godly, good music that prompts me to nod my head.
Before I began living my life entirely for Christ, my ears were saturated with every type of music. I was a self-proclaimed "music connoisseur".
My love for music hasn't changed, but now I choose to fill my ears with edifying music.
So, I thought I'd share the songs that I love! That's a long list so there will be plenty to post.
*These are my favorites - this is totally personal. I am not reviewing or critiquing songs or promoting artists. I just love music and want to share what I love. 

My family & I get down with this album. The little people know almost every song! I first heard of B. Reith via the Wade-O Radio Show. They played a live version of "Rain Down" and I liked it so much! My husband searched for the track & we found "Now Is Not Forever".

"Rain Down" is a great song! I love hearing real instruments mixed with B. Reith's unique style that combines flowing with singing. Check it out:

My other favorite is "Just For You". The lyrics are beautiful. The melody is precious. This is a great sing-a-long song. Enjoy: 

There are more great songs on this album. I am excited to see what he does next.