Is It In You?

You're 1/2 a mile away from finishing what can be the fastest time for your routine run.
Do you give in to your fatigue or do you dig deep to finish strong?

Is it in you?

It's the final minutes in the 4th quarter of a close game against a long-time rival.
Do you let the clock master you or do you turn on the "clutch" and grab the victory?

Is it in you?

You're in the fight of your life. Everything that can go wrong is wrong. Your trials and tribulations have you in the corner and the finishing upper-cut is on it's way. Do you get knocked out or do you tap into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit and mount a seemingly unlikely comeback?

Is it in you?

Through the apostle Paul, God reveals a mystery to us - Christ in you. (1 Colossians 1:27)
Before Jesus dies, he tells us that if he doesn't leave us, then the Comforter will not come to us. (John 16:7)
Jesus also explains that the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit, will teach us all things and bring to remembrance whatever Jesus has told us. (John 14:26)  He also assures us that the Comforter will be with us forever. (John 14:16)

These passages tell us that when Jesus went to be with the Father in heaven, His Spirit came down to live inside of us. Jesus, a man, could only be in one place at one time; His Spirit can be with all of His followers at all times. Because we have the Holy Spirit at all times, it constantly reminds of Christ and the things He taught.

This reminder from the Spirit is what drives us to PUSH THROUGH FATIGUE & FINISH STRONG.
This reminder from the Spirit is what allows us to WEATHER THE STORM & WALK IN VICTORY.
This reminder from the Spirit is what empowers us to ENDURE & PERSEVERE all that comes our way.

Is it in you? Is the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit in you?

*If your answer is "no", you can change it to "yes". The Holy Spirit is available to anyone who believes in Jesus Christ for salvation. God wants to save you from spending eternity in hell and save you for an eternal life with Him. This can only happen when we Admit that we are sinners, Believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins and Confess that He is our Lord & Savior. When we Believe in Jesus, His Holy Sprit comes and lives in us and does a mighty transformation from within, making us children of the One True God. It's an awesome feeling that you don't want to miss!