Just a little sketch while at work.
my husband's quick sketch

Agape hoodie
My husband is a phenomenal artist. His gift was graciously placed inside of him by God Himself. And the gift is used to give glory to God.

KingdomWork Graphics is the manifestation of the vision that God gave to my husband and, consequently, me.
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More designs are on the way - including something special for my ladies!! 

SideNote: My dad is a huge sports fan. It was only a matter of time before he asked Brian (my husband) to create something "sporty" on the walls of his man cave. If you follow me on Twitter (@NLMPazZion) or Facebook, this is the sneak peek of the masterpiece I couldn't wait to show you! 

Yes...I will definitely post the finished mural. ; )

UPDATE: I can't even hide it - I am amazed at Brian's gift! I knew he was good, but this is like "Wow!" What makes it super sweet is that He is powered by the Holy Spirit so everything he does is for the glory of God. His gift is always a segue to the greatest Gift - Salvation through Jesus Christ. Here are two more pix...and he's still not finished!

more to come...