Where Children Sleep

That's Indira. She's 7 years old and lives in Kathmandu, Nepal. 

"Where Children Sleep" provides a thought provoking glimpse of the socioeconomic differences in today's youth. James Mollison vividly captures reality in a most innocent way. His idea to photograph children and their bedrooms is genius to me! As a child, your bedroom says a ton about you and your atmosphere - whether the child or parent decorates.

Looking at the pictures in this book allowed my almost 9 year old son and I to talk about God's provision for our family. According to statistics and people's opinions, we may miss the middle-class mark, be considered impoverished, or seem to lack things that we need or should have. Whatever label man puts on our family is irrelevant. Our God is faithful and His word says that He will provide - and He does. 
Sure there are some things that would benefit us greatly if we had them now, but our needs are met. More important than any tangible items, God provides His LOVE, His PEACE, His GRACE & MERCY, etcetera. Those things are priceless, timeless, infinite. Because we have God's intangibles, we have JOY regardless of how many tangibles we have or don't have.

While being thankful for the things we do have, we are also called to help those in need. No one is exempt from being in need. No matter how much money one has, no matter how many things, at some point you will need something from someone else - money, food, shelter, a hug, encouragement, kindness, love. Jesus tells us to treat our neighbors as ourselves. I pray that some of the pictures in this book prompt us to help each other. 

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