Happy Annibirthary



Today is my son's 9th birthday.
He is my firstborn so this day is also my anniversary of being a mom.
That thought just hit me today: I have been a mom for 9 years. It's not a lot of time, but it is.

A ton has happened in those 9 years, including the birth of three more little people.
The most important occurrence during these years was my acceptance of Jesus Christ as my Savior.
My decision to live for Christ is the best gift I have given to my little people.

Because I know Christ, they have the advantage of getting to know Him early. It makes my ♥ smile to know that they are being trained up in the way that they should go. Parents often say that there is no manual for raising kids, that they didn't come with an instruction booklet. I disagree. The bible, God's Word, is the manual and all the instructions are in there.

Shout out to the Serrano's for the birthday Skype! Their three boys hit Kae up with a birthday song AND cake with a burning candle - all via Skype. Another advantage of little people knowing Christ is that they can be friends with little people who know Christ. They can grow up with true brother/sisterhood and run their race together, edifying and encouraging each other along the way. That is beautiful! *tear*

This is Mini (Esteban). That's red velvet cake on the corner of his mouth.

Here's Mini, the red velvet cake and peek inside Jo Jo's nose - lol.