The Woman's Role

"...earthly marriage is a drama. God Himself is the producer; the earth is the stage; the Holy Spirit is the director, and the Bible is the script. You have no choice in the role you play...If He assigns you a female body, the role you play in the drama is the church. If He assigns you a male body, the role you play is Christ."

That passage comes from this 15 page pamphlet that my 1st Lady gave me. Being honest, it was one of those things that someone gives you, but it doesn't take effect until some time later. For one, I didn't read it right away and two, I wasn't really open to receive it when I did read it. I understood it, but I didn't allow it to penetrate.

THANK GOD for GROWTH and WISDOM and GRACE and PATIENCE and all His many blessings!

He kept drilling His Will into me until I could see it from His point of view - and what a beautiful view it is.

Grabbing the truth about the role that God has destined for you is both totally freeing and excitingly powerful.

I'm definitely going to grab more of these pamphlets. It looks like they have other good stuff, too!