Happy New Year

And Happy Birthday to Toya (me)!

On January 2nd, God blessed me with another wonderful year to serve Him.
Along with my physical birthday, I had a spiritual birthday! I was born again on the 1st Sunday of 2004 so I am celebrating my 8th year in the Kingdom! This brings a *kool-aid smile* to my face.

We brought in the new year with our "twin" family. I say "twin" because God has made our families amazingly similar. We are grateful that God would not only create a "twin" family for us, but that He would also allow us to fellowship with them and form a heavenly bond that is unbreakable! It's a beautiful thing.

The rice krispy treat cake that you see above (yes, that's a rice krispy treat cake) was created by a phenomenally talented, creative & thoughtful VDub™who is also my sister in Christ. ♥

I'm excited to continue our Virtuous Journey together.
God is doing GREAT THINGS - as always - & I can't wait to share with you every GOOD thing He shares with me.