The Homeless Heroes

About a year and a half ago, my husband & I found this artist named Jerrell Johnson. His music was a breath of fresh air. It was fun, real, creative - a break from the music monotony we were experiencing.

We immediately filled our iTunes with his album and his mixtape - both can be downloaded @ jerrelljohnson.com. We jammed to it and waited for more...but more never came. We were like, where is this dude? 

A little bit ago, my husband found this video on YouTube and it had the whole family saying, 
"That's my boy!"

And even more recently...we found  THE HOMELESS HEROS.
Jerrell has hooked up with Travis Settineri to mix music and art in an exciting way. 
Jerrell's real freestyles + Travis' bold art + your favorite cartoons and other cool stuff = "Yo, that's hot!"

Check out more vids on their YouTube Channel & subscribe. I did. = )

Thank God for creating creativity! ♥