So, I had this grand plan to update & re-launch Virtuous Journey and it has happened,
just not quite the way I envisioned. 

But isn't that life?

Did you plan to take the all paths that led to your today? 

My answer is an honest no.

...but, where were we? Oh yeah...Virtuous Journey! So, with four little people and a husband (*wink*) do I even have to list anything else to explain how busy my life is at any given moment? 

Not wanting to keep Virtuous Journey "off the air" any longer, I decided to be transparent and let you actually witness the remaining updates. 

That being said, Virtuous Journey is here with a shiny new address - www.virtuousjourney.com.

You'll find what was always here along with freshness as we renew our minds daily

Be sure to find me on Twitter & Facebook so we can keep the conversation going  = )

p.s. Some of the older posts may be hard to read with the new color scheme. If you're having trouble reading something, hit me up and I'll make it more legible. Thx for you help!