BrassMonki Customs

Shout Out to one of my favorite spots for always finding something interesting, Design Fetish.

iDig sneakers. My husband digs them 1000x more than I do and I think that decent - S/O to Sweetheart (@B_Sketch).

So check these out:

Yes, I was an Angry Birds victim. That game sucked up a lot of my time! I've been delivered, lol.

No, I'm not endorsing Harry Potter...iDig the style of the shoe & the writing on the bottom.

I never dug Hello Kitty - too much pink & girliness for me. But as I get older...she's cool. ; )

Aw, yeah. That fade is hot.

I wouldn't wear these, but iDig Doug. Speaking of Dig Dug, that's one of my favorite games, lol.

There are just Fresh. I like the color scheme.

There are MORE! You can view'em all at the BrassMonki Customs
We can have fun while we RUN our race ; )