Life in a Day

Last year on July 24th, I wanted our family to participate in the "Life in a Day" videos.
We didn't, but the project still went on! lol.

My Sweetheart and I watched it yesterday on Netflix and I was unexpectedly drawn to the film. Perhaps it was unexpected because I didn't know what to expect. The film caused me to feel a wide range of emotions - I laughed, I cried, I was confused, I was sad, I was disgusted, I was excited, I was empathetic, I wondered. I'm sure I can go on with feelings that were aroused, but I think the point is clear. It makes sense, though, that if you watch human beings in actual reality (not that "reality" stuff they feed us which is far from reality), you will feel what they feel. We are all connected.

The greatest impact the film had on me was seeing the variety of people God created. The cool thing about technology is it's ability to connect us with people we would probably never connect with. As I watched this film, I could not stop asking myself, "I wonder if he's saved?"

"I wonder if she's saved?"

"I wonder if they're saved?"

God created all men. Jesus died for all men. While we know that all means all, it's different when we start to see the all.

This film convicted me. It made me ask myself, "Would I truly show love to all people?" We really don't know what we would do in a situation we have never experienced. There's a thought of what we'd like to do, but will that actually happen? Because I am powered by the Spirit of the only True, Living and Holy God, my answer is "Yes." I will show love to all people. I will kill my flesh and allow God's light to shine through me. I can be honest and say this isn't always the easiest thing to do; but it is a command from the God that I serve and I will not be found disobeying my orders.

You can watch the film on Netflix, like we did, but it's also available on YouTube. There's a "Life in a Day" channel with a bunch of decent features and updates on people highlighted in the film. Check it out and let me know what you think - @PazZion4Christ or facebook.com/PazZionForChrist