Little People Prayers

Our Pastor and his wife - a beautiful, Godly couple - told us
"pray over your babies."

They spoke about praying over them while they sleep. I remember thinking, "Wow! That sounds like a great idea."

The other night, while my husband was working late, I had to go into the little people's room while they were sleeping and it hit me - Pray for them.

I took the opportunity to pray for them individually and out loud (not too loud). I prayed for their now and for their tomorrow. I prayed with my whole heart. I prayed with strength. Next thing I know, I'm wiping tears from my face.

It was powerful. It was fulfilling. It was humbling. I was grateful for the ability to intercede to the Father not only on their behalf, but also for the next generation.

We pray for and with our little people all the time.
There is a powerful difference when parents pray over their sleeping child(ren).