She's Three!

Bredenbeck's cookies! & cake below...
Yesterday we celebrated Jaelie's 3rd birthday. The days surrounding her birth, including the day of, were very...hmm...eventful for us! You can hear all about it in the song "2009."

2009 by PazZion

God is Faithful.
Join us in celebrating an Amazing God who is an Awesome Provider!


The pic above is my dad, Jaelie and Laila. My dad has been taking each little person out for a couple hours on their birthday. When he came over to take Jae out, she would not leave without Laila! Basically, if he didn't take Lai, Jaelie wasn't going anywhere. So, he ended up taking them both. In that moment, I saw a beautiful picture of true sisterhood. A true sister is selfless. Whatever she has, her sister has as well. A true sister won't leave her sister behind. Whenever she goes higher or gets blessed, she will bring her sister along. ♥

It's hard to get all the little people to stay still and take a picture together! This is what I got...& I love it.

Here is where the sister bond began...
There are 3 generations in this vid - my mom, me & my daughters ♥