Thx Vicki

I saw Vicki Yohe sing "I'm at Peace" at the God's Glamorous Girls Conference and it was an amazing experience. 
Vicki's ability to usher people into worshipping in Spirit and in Truth is a gift from God.
Her voice pierced my soul: instantly I was sobbing and worshipping God for His Peace that truly surpasses my limited understanding.
I was so moved, I had to tweet about it (the new way to show importance) and she retweeted my tweet!
That simple thumb-press made my day! 

I bought her cd, "I'm at Peace: A Praise And Worship Experience," and it has been a great addition to our iTunes albums. Tracks like "Heaven on Earth," "Here I Am" and "Saturate" are sure to produce an atmosphere of praise and worship wherever you are and whenever you need help getting there.

Check out her vid for "I'm at Peace":

#ShoutOut to my mom for putting me on to Vicki! lol