DaySpring Notebooks

During back-to-school shopping last year, my mom bought our then 3rd grade son some DaySpring notebooks that feature bible scriptures and modern phrases that summarize them. I meant to post them then, but I didn't. The pic below are not his, lol; she was thoughtful enough to buy some for me, too!

iDig these and was excited when I saw them. I was even more excited that Kaelin was not ashamed to take them to school and use them. Honestly, I think I was more concerned about him receiving any negative responses than he was.
SN: God is always using our little people to convict me. Here I am wondering if he will be ok using them in school and he has the boldness not to care what people think! I pray that attitude about God sticks with him. 

The notebooks also have a QR code on the back for free desktop & mobile backgrounds.
Who doesn't dig free stuff?

Here are a few of this year's designs: 

They stepped up the inside of the composition books. There are helpful insights about life that are supported by scripture. That's decent. It's cool to see companies supporting youth who follow Christ.
These are available online through DaySpring, but we got ours from good ol' Walmart.