Four Letter Words

Not quite what you were thinking, but it can have a similar consequence. Those other words shouldn't be in our vocabulary. James tells us that sweet and bitter shouldn't come from the same fountain. God is not pleased with bitter.
Jesus tells us that it's ok to rest at his feet instead of busily making sure our house is clean enough for him to enter. Hmm...
As a wife and mom, that is hard to balance at times. There are so many things that need to get done. We want our homes to be presentable to everyone who enters. At the same time, we are very much aware of how vital our private time with God is to our existence - for our good and the good of the family.
Ha...this is why my last post was 10 days ago!
We want to do it all! I think that is possible when we allow God to guide our every move - we will do exactly what He has planned for us.

Here's a pictage of my "busy" 10 days...

Fun with lil people - babysitting our homie on the right
Keep reading for more pix...

Delivering a JD GameDay Tee to a very special person

Taking train rides downtown

Stopping by the Apple store - no purchases, though!

Train rides back home: looks like the beginning of The Cat in the Hat

Celebrating our wonderful Pastor & 1st Lady

Hanging with my lovely MIL & Mom

We laughed so hard that night!

Sending email campaigns - working

Coordinating with my team - Come on out!

Cleaning closets and reminiscing; he'll be 10 in 8 days, sigh

Walks with the lil ppl; Manny dressed himself with a backwards jersey - it's ok!