3 & a 1/2

This blog was born in June of 2009, which makes it 3 1/2 years strong! I didn't even realize that until this post.
that's a big thank you to YOU for walking with me on this Virtuous Journey!

2013. Wow. I'm feeling that Great Things are in store for this year & that's on the strength of the Great God that I serve. 2012 was truly a "set-up" year as I underwent some real character building experiences. 2012 was a heavy weight that I could not lift in the first quarter, but by the 4th I was able to do enough reps to build solid muscle. Now, in 2013, I'm stronger than ever - by the Grace of God! 2012 set me up to withstand anything & succeed in everything that comes my way in 2013 and beyond. 

I spotted this calendar during my Flipboard travels and I was intrigued. This is definitely an interesting calendar layout and it grasped my attention...for longer than I anticipated. I think it's simplicity shows just how quickly an entire year can pass. This calendar, if it were hanging on your wall, would show you your whole year at a glance. If you X'd off the days that go by, it would seem to take forever, but soon you'd see that there aren't that many days left. Hmm...

That's life. A vapor. Who is to say that you will even see all those days on that calendar? Hmm...

So today, and everyday that God allows us to see, let's live it for Him in a way that is pleasing to Him. Sure, there will be attitudes, violence, trials & tribulations - all the things that this fallen world has to offer. But ultimately, there's Jesus Christ, who died a horrendous death on a cross so that we don't have to pay the penalty for sin which is eternal separation from the Father. Jesus' death is worth withstanding anything these calendar days throw at you because in the end you will be in a glorious, peaceful, "the-bestest-greatest-thing-you-can-imagine-and-it's-better-than-that" place called Heaven. That's where the Father is and where anyone would want to spend eternity. The only other choice for eternity is hell.  

A closer pic. Pretty decent, right?