Can You Stand the Rain?

Jesus asked this question years before New Edition asked. 
As Jesus concluded His Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), He left us with a choice.

Do Them or Do Them Not.
Wise or Foolish.
The Rock or Sand.
Fall Not or Fall. 

One thing remains the same regardless of the choice you make:

And the rain descended, and the floods came, and the winds blew, and beat upon that house...
(verse 25 & 27)

There it is. No one will go through life on earth without experiencing the rains, floods and winds of life.  They will beat on you and at times it will seem as if their primary purpose is to knock you down. 

Your foundation is the key. 
When you hear the sayings of Jesus Christ, Do Them and you will be like a Wise man who builds his house on The Rock: when the crazy weather comes, your house will Fall Not.

If when you hear the saying of Jesus and Do Them Not, then you will be like a Foolish man who builds his house on the Sand: when the crazy weather comes, your house will Fall. (And Jesus made the point of saying that it will be a great fall.)

The Choice Is Yours. (no Black Sheep *wink*)

Say...do you dig Lego Blocks?? Ha, random, I know. If so...click keep reading.

At one point last year, I found a crazy amount of Lego stuff!

 I dig Lego Blocks so I saved all the stuff I found and now I am sharing! 


Since we're talking about building houses...check this out. Interesting.

Lego My House by Movoto