A new chapter.

That little phrase says big things. That's currently what I'm experiencing. I'm sure you have experienced it many times throughout your life. It's inevitable, really. 

Manny, Kaelin, Laila & Jaelie. They are growing fast.
Our chapters create a unique book. We've read the books of Job, Ruth, Daniel and others.
Well, someone is reading the book of YOU!
The bible is filled with regular people living their lives, believing in an awesome God and allowing Him to use them in His plan. 
That's you - a regular person living your life, believing in an awesome God and allowing Him to use you in His plan! It's me, too. 

And that is the essence of this blog - Virtuous Journey. A place where those chapters can be shared.

At this point in my book, I am working full-time after three years of being out of the workforce. That's where my time has gone. That's why my last post was January 21st. I have started this post a gajillion times before finally finishing. *sigh* BUT HERE IT IS! So...

Things change; God stays the same. We get weary; God remains strong. We're fickle; He's faithful.

This should be an interesting year! I have more to share, but - you know - my time is limited. I'll be back...