2 Weeks

I'm starting to get nervous. 
2 weeks to go (really 1 week & 2 days).

My worse nightmare is that I'll have to go to the bathroom like right before I start running.

Second, my right knee has been acting "eh" on my long runs.
When these thoughts arise, I focus on the end of the race. This time in 2 weeks, I will have finished.

This week I want to share how lovely it is when I see other runners - especially on my long runs. It makes me move a little quicker and a little more gracefully. And I'm always ready to encourage with a smile, a nod, a "hey" and sometimes all three!

Isn't that the walk of a believer? (Or should I say the race of a believer.)
It's encouraging when you see - or find - other believers in your midst. It makes you smile, it makes you stand a little taller, it comforts you. It's mutually encouraging. Most likely, the farewell ends with a "God Bless You!" Those are great interactions.

On a random note: I wanted to share a great pic that my son's friend's mom snapped for us at the end of their lacrosse game. We rarely get pix of our entire family so this pic truly blesses me every time I see it. & my mom hopped in, too!
My Sweetheart, Me, my Mom, Kaelin, Laila, Immanuel and Jaelie