3 Weeks Quickly Turned to 2

I know I am not the busiest woman on this planet,
but sometimes...man...I feel like I could be her.

Quick Update:
I DID IT! And yes, I am hype about it. 
Last week, my goal was to step it up a notch and go for 9 miles. As I planned out my route, it ended up being 10 miles. So I did it.
I will always remember how I felt when I heard the Nike+ lady say, "10 miles completed."
A goal had officially been accomplished. I had to immediately thank God because I know that He gave me the strength, the perseverance, the endurance - everything I needed to complete "the race".

I hurt my knee, though - *sad face*.
In retrospect, perhaps I should have done 9 miles. In my excitement, which came from a good place, I may have jumped the gun a bit. I accomplished the goal, but with an unwanted consequence. Had I stuck to my plan - 10 miles in 2 Weeks to go - maybe my knee would have been fine.
Patience. Wait on God. We can want to do things - good things that aren't bad - but if it's not in the will of God, there may be unwanted consequences.
Good does not always equal God, but God always equals Good.

So today marks 2 weeks until the Broad Street Run. I rested my knee for a good part of last week. I'll get back on the road this week. I'm looking forward to it.

My 10 miler