5 Weeks

"Wherefore seeing we are also compassed about with so great a cloud of witnesses..." Hebrews 12:1a

God gives us a command: Run the Race. 
He tells us how to run: with Patience (Endurance, Perseverance)
Before that He tells us how to prepare for the race: Lay Aside Every Weight & the Sin that so easily Besets us (Torments or Plagues us)
But 1st, He gives us a support system: a Great Cloud of Witnesses

This great cloud of witnesses was recognized in Hebrews 11. The major commonality that bonds the great cloud is FAITH. They all had Faith in God - in who He is, in what He says and in what He can do. 

Through our FAITH in God, we can do whatever He calls us to do and know that those who walked in faith before us are cheering us on. Let's be honest, sometimes the things we are called to do don't seem very easy or even possible.

In my 5th week of training, I will be running 7 or 8 miles. For long distance runners, that's nothing. For me, that's like, "Whoa!" I am a tiny bit intimidated by the thought of running 7 miles. I have fleeting thoughts that tell me I can't do it. But when I think about those who have done it before me, the people who tell me I can do it and my family who I told I would do it, I am immediately encouraged to go do it.

There is encouragement in knowing that normal people have succeeded in doing courageous things before you. And even more support knowing that those people are excited about you being successful also! You are encompassed by a great cloud of witnesses! Witnesses of God's amazing glory! Witnesses of how God can use any willing vessel! Witnesses who are witnessing what God is using YOU to do for the Kingdom!

Are you hype?! I am, lol! Let's Go...
I'm gonna get these 7 miles. What are YOU gonna do?

(I happened to be listening to this while I was writing.)