Let Go

This happened.

After the scary movie scream, there was laughter and fun, happiness and joy.
This experience brought to life something we all need to do multiple times in our lives. Let go.

While I was hanging in the air, I had a "hey, this isn't normal" feeling but I also had that "I got this" feeling as long as I was able to hang on.
Hanging on ensured that I wouldn't fall. I was in control.
As long as I held on, I would stay in the air where I didn't want to be, but I was certain that I would not fall.
Then someone said, "Let go."

Let go?
If I let go I will surely fall. But if I don't let go, I'll continue to be in this awkward position, in the air.
I'm faced with 2 choices: Hang on or Let go.

I let go. That was the only way down. And I ended up safely back on the ground.

It's that way with our Father in heaven sometimes, isn't it?
He tells us that we can let go of the fear, the stress, the worry, the past - all the things that He never intended us to hang on to. For different reasons, we hang on anyway.

Let's let go. The immediate drop may appear frightening, but His love swoops us up into His grace - which is sufficient, by the way (wink).
He is able to be trusted. He is able to bring us safely back to where He wants us to be, in His peace.