As soccer season approached, I knew one lil person was playing. Perhaps another would want to play for a second time. And there were two lil people who have never played, but I was pretty sure they'd want to play now. 
Wait a minute! What am I doing? It costs money to sign all these lil people up AND, more importantly, time. There will probably be practice twice a week for each team (that's 8 practices in 5 days) and Saturday and Sunday games. 

Note: Sunday games present a whole other issue. They can only make it if the game is after church. Then that means, after church, there's no mingling - we're not rude, we just have soccer. But should they even be playing on Sundays? Mmmm...that's a topic my Sweetheart and I have discussed and have slightly differing opinions. But, uh... 

So really, what am I getting myself into here by even thinking about signing all four lil people up for soccer?
So far it has worked - it's a lot, but we're getting it done.