My 9 year old daughter sent this to me and it was so on time. I was amazed that she somehow knew I needed this encouragement because I didn't share my feelings with her. 

Something prompted her to share a positive message and she did it. That's the key - she did it. 

We all get those urges to text or call someone to say hello, to share something beneficial and uplifting, to give love in some form - but then we think and sometimes we don't do. 

It's a goal of mine to follow through on the small nudges in my spirit to spread love. Not to think too much about it, but do it and do it ASAP (or else I'll forget, lol). 

That nudge is there for a reason. In any sport, we're going to cheer on our teammates and encourage them to compete at their best ability! Someone needs our love as much as we need to release love - it's a beautiful cyclical flow. 💕