(continued from Instagram, @toyathevirtuous)
So, like I was saying, it has now been about 3 weeks since my last run. It's frustrating and freeing at the same time. I beat myself up for not getting out there and taking advantage of beautiful running days, BUT I've been able to accomplish so many things that need to and have needed to get done. These days, sleeping and running compete for my precious time. Two handsome choices are courting me and...it's complicated.

I'm in a place where I refuse to lose my peace and my joy. This means I had to find a way to make not running "ok" in my brain during this busy back to school, everyone is playing soccer and I chose to be an assistant coach, the oldest lil person is playing two sports at once and wants to apply to a really nice boys only high school, work gets crazy at this time of year and crazier as the year comes to an end and there is just always a ton of things to do time. Ha ha...'tis the season and soon this season will be over - meaning the lil ppl will be grown and all this running around will cease.

Time does not come back. Yes, I love running and Yes, it's ok to take time for myself to run and stay healthy. Priorities have to be set. God gave me such a gift in the family that I have - from my Sweetheart to these beautiful arrows he gave us to fill our quiver. If taking a month off from running means creating memories and pouring into lives that will one day impact our world and the Kingdom, it's more than worth it. The ROI is priceless.