I found it! The restaurant where I ate this delicious meal is called Licha's Cantina in Austin. We ate outside - which is not my favorite thing to do - but it was cool. When I went into the actual restaurant, I was wow'd by the atmosphere they created. It was cozy, it was southern, it was Mexi-merican, it was lit, lol, and I found myself looking awkwardly around just trying to catch the vibe.

The mason jar touch was one of my favorites because it felt very authentic. I'd definitely visit this jewel again.

And afterward, I was instructed to go to thee best ice cream spot in town, Amy's. Amy's did not disappoint. I had a flavor combo called "All about the Butters" (I think) which had mexican vanilla, golden oreos, butterscotch and homemade whipped cream - Oh Em Gee!