My Sweetheart and I were able to go to the shore for a few nights before Back To School hit. The time away so super overdue and truly appreciated! I've always wanted to run on the beach so I was pretty excited to get up and out early. I brought my running shoes but I was like, "I'm gonna run barefoot and get the real experience!" 
And it was great! I ran close to the water so the sand was packed and pretty firm. There were times when the sand wasn't so stable, but I was good. The 1st morning I ran 4 miles and the next I got close to 2. On my 1st run, I saw a lady running in her running shoes and I thought, "Why is she doing that?" Sand must get into her shoes and that wouldn't be comfortable! However, I now know why she did it.
A day or two later, my feet were sore and I couldn't figure out why. Like SORE. Then it hit me...it was from running barefoot! Something I had never done before - duh! My feet are used to ALL the support of my Brooks Adrenalines which are a stability shoe. Running 4 miles in the sand without shoes was like running 4 miles anywhere with no bra - which I would never do!
So...as fun and freeing as it was, I will not be running without shoes - probably ever again.