This past weekend was one of the busiest of the year! Logistically, Sunday was a challenge and I am thankful for grandparents' - our parents - willingness and excitement to help. While my Sweet💙 and I were at an arts festival, selling his amazing artwork and meeting people, the youngest lil people had soccer games. Actually 3 lil people had games that day, but thankfully the oldest can get around himself.

While working at the festival, I started to receive game texts from my mom. Btw, my mom is one of the greatest fans I know - if she's a fan of you or the team, she's the biggest. Soccer is important to Manny and his team lost their first game so I knew he was taking this game seriously. Well...the text above says it all. This is how it ended:

Ha ha, that third goal must've really been nice since my mom sent that text twice! I was so happy for Manny; I wish that I could've been there. Since this isn't the first time this has happened, I'm sure it won't be the last.