Forgive me for the delay in posts - a TON has been happening. As much as I strive to be (and in doing so appear to be 😉), I am not a super woman and that means some balls fall when I'm juggling ten at a once 😄

This is November 8, 2016 - Election Day. This is a day that most of us will remember, forever. I've made it a point to take these little people with me any time I vote. I think it's important for them to participate now so it's not new when it's their turn. It's a wonderful time of learning for all of us. With the awareness that most kids have these days, if they're not getting answers at home, they'll get answers elsewhere and I want them to get as much as possible from HOME first!

Since this day...the discussion has indeed been ongoing. They see and hear about everything, everything - and we talk about it. No topic is off limits if they bring it up. There's an appropriate way to talk about anything. As a mom, impromptu learning opportunities are my favorite thing to capture!