My goodness! In my last post I talked about juggling things and some things falling. One thing that falls, and I do NOT like when I drop it, are my workouts 😔 
A day or two before this pic was taken, I was motivated by a fellow runner to get a run in. It felt SO good to get back on the road. It always does after a brief hiatus. I had a lot of other priorities to attend to, which is crazy because, this is a priority to me! 

Two Lessons Learned

1. It is ok to take a break.
I felt horrible and guilty not running, but I also had to let myself off the hook because those feelings can lead me to depression - and I'm not going there, again! There's nothing wrong with a break. I know I'll be right back out when I can and healthy eating choices can help while I'm not running as much. 

2. Human accountability is awesome.
Most of my encouragement to run comes from within. That's cool, but it's helpful to have other people encouraging me as well - like so helpful! Sure I can see from social media and the Nike Plus app that others are running and that motivates me, but actual human contact and interaction goes further! Talking about the challenges and having someone align with you makes a difference.

During the winter, I jump rope more than I run and even that has been inconsistent. But I'm doing what I can and when I can, I'll push myself to do more. Live Life. No worries. Peace & Grace.