My father in law bought me the Smart Rope and my heart was so happy because I really wanted one. I jump in the winter as an alternative to running and it keeps my endurance on point for when the weather is right and I can get back on the road. I'm truly late with this post but...here it is!

When I first used the rope, it felt heavy. That makes sense because of the technology in the rope. It wasn't an issue, though - after telling myself that my arms can use the added bonus of more weight and after jumping for a few minutes, the rope felt normal.

Try not to hit yourself with the rope because it will hurt! Ouch! 

I thought I'd jump too fast to see the numbers, but that didn't happen. Sometimes the numbers were up high, sometimes they were down low, but I could see them no matter how fast I spun the rope. 

The first time I jumped, I set a timer for 30 minutes. When my timer went off, the Smart Gym app said that I had jumped for only 15 minutes! Huh? After investigating, I realized that the app counts the time the rope is actually turning. So the small breaks I took to collect my breath when my foot hit the rope did not count toward my 30 minutes according to the app. Ok! I'm so competitive that I had to make it to 30 minutes on the app's time, which, in reality, was like 50 minutes. That made me rethink my whole workout, lol! 

When jumping, my goal has always been time related. Now, my time goals have been crushed! The smart rope gives me a new way to set goals - by the number of jumps instead of the time jumping. The app predicted how many jumps I'd do in 30 minutes - I did that number in 15. This motivated me to jump even more! Based off my 30 minutes actually being 15, I changed my goal to double the jumps since I was going to double the time. I ended up doubling the number of jumps before getting to 30 minutes (per the app) so I jumped until I reached 30 minutes and reached 4,000 jumps!

This new ability to set a goal by the number of jumps has been great way for me to compete against myself and challenge myself to do better!

Diggin' the Smart Rope!